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    Hello and welcome! My name is Natasha Kwitkowski, I am a Registered Pharmacist, Nutritional Consultant, and Certified GAPS Practitioner. I am dedicated to helping my clients reach ultimate health and well-being by teaching them about proper nutrition, healthy eating habits, lifestyle changes and disease prevention.

    I graduated from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in 1995 and became registered pharmacist. As I  worked in the community pharmacy for the past18 years, I had a chance to speak with and counsel hundreds of patients on the use of prescription drugs, vitamins and other supplements. What I had noticed most was how mislead or completely uninformed patients were about the use of nutritional aids, wasting hundreds of dollars on something that they either didn’t need or that wouldn’t work, and, most importantly, how absolutely oblivious most of them were about the proper diet. Gradually, nutrition became my passion.


    However, there was a more profound reason for me to embark on this path. Years ago, I fell ill with a chronic condition that Western medicine had no answer for. This was the result of far from perfect dietary habits that I have had for many years. Desperate and hopeless after months of searching and trying different means, after seeing dozens of different specialists, I turned to alternative medicine. A brilliant Doctor of Chinese Medicine, with a heart of gold, slowly brought me back to health with the special diet and use of herbal and botanical supplements, in the process teaching me about healing power of foods and detrimental affects of modern dietary practices while dramatically changing many of my lifestyle choices along the way. After regaining balance, I decided to learn more about Holistic Nutrition and have completed the program in Global College of Natural Medicine and Vancouver College of Natural Wellness, receiving Nutritional Consultant certification. This is how Big Apple Nutrition was born.

      As an experienced pharmacist and nutritional consultant, I feel that I have a unique skill of being able to analyze my clients’ traditional drug therapies and combine them with the right nutritional protocol and diet plan based on the concepts of Holistic Nutrition. Most importantly, I would like nothing more than my passion to become a helpful tool for those who strive to reach optimal health, prevent chronic illnesses and improve quality of life.

Natasha Kwitkowski R.Ph, NC, HHP

Certified GAPS Practitioner

Registered Pharmacist 

Nutritional Consultant

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

(646) 228-3687

‘The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system.’

- Robert C. Peale, Physician

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